About Me and Newtritionally Inspired


Hi, I'm Candice Baxter, a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ and Founder of Newtritionally Inspired. I was born with a condition called Cystic Hygroma, (basically a large cyst on one side of my face), which can also wreak havoc on your lymphatic system. When I was 4, I was to undergo a 2nd major surgery to remove the cyst. Unfortunately, a surgical error resulted in the nerves on the right side of my face to be severed leaving it paralyzed and asymmetrical. Growing up, and even now, I still get stared at, or asked rudely, “what happened to you”, but I never let it bother me. We are all unique in our own way. I chose to be open about my condition, find the strength within, and use the opportunity to education others. When I was 19, I underwent the first of two major reconstruction surgeries, the first one was dental based which involved the restructuring of my jaws, leaving me wired shut for 8 weeks, and on a liquid diet. A year later, I had the 2nd surgery  to correct a few issues left after the previous surgery. 

Fast forward to a couple years ago, and a serious throat infection hospitalized me for a few days. The specialist that treated me, connected me with a plastic surgeon. As the medical field is always evolving, there were now advancements in technology that weren’t available before, such as nerve regeneration. In May of 2018, I underwent a functional osteoplasty (chin reconstruction), I was on a liquid/soft foods diet for 6 weeks. With my holistic background, I was able to minimize the swelling and bruising, and optimize pain management, with minimal prescription or over the counter pain medication. My surgeon was amazed. In December 2018, I will be undergoing major facial/neck reconstructive surgery in preparation for a nerve transplant surgery. 


My Journey to My Own NEWtritious Self


My journey into health and wellness began in 2012, while working in the corporate world, ironically enough in the Health Benefits Industry, I always thought, there must be a way to educate individuals to take charge of their health and be proactive, instead of spending hundreds upon thousands of dollars on medications and being reactive. 

One day, my company, did a lunch and learn about health, wellness and proper eating. The talk was all about plant-based eating, proper food combining and meal planning. The speaker that came in, was so vibrant, happy and full of energy. I wanted to have her energy, but I was a single parent, working full time. My energy levels were always running on empty. After the talk, I started following her blog, and shortly after, participated in a 10 day meal plan that was completely plant based. I felt so much lighter, full of energy and without the late day crashes. Struggles with my own digestion were improving. This was the beginning of revamping my own diet and lifestyle. I went plant based, removed all processed foods, dairy and refined sugars. I have experimented, and faltered, but definitely feel my best sticking to a whole foods plant based diet. 

 As the years went on, my philosophy surrounding the Health Benefits industry began to change. Along with my change in philosophy, cut backs in the industry, and the lack of nutritious meals received post surgery, I decided to be proactive and make a change.  . I enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where I became a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™  and Newtritionally Inspired was created. The idea behind Newtritionally Inspired, is to educate and inspire others to take control of their body, mind and spirit by using holistic nutrition as a tool to repair poorly functioning body systems, and by incorporating self care routines to reach their best and most NEWtritious self.  


How I Can Help You

 From my extensive history with post surgery recovery, a culinary plant based background, and my current studies at Dominion Herbal College, as a Chartered Herbalist, I can help with optimizing pre and post surgery nutrition to minimize recovery time, and ensure a full recovery. With my passion for holistic health and wellness,   

I can also help with meal planning for specific dietary concerns, as well as recommend nutritional and lifestyle changes to assist with detoxing, improving digestion, and inspiring you discover and empower your most NEWtritious self!!